Welcome to RideScore Active Schools

RideScore Active Schools makes the trip to school easier, more active and lots of fun for everyone!

If your school is participating, then start your journey by downloading the RideScore App. 

Step 1:  Download the App

It's simple to register your child or children for the program.  The first step is to Download the iPhone or Android app by clicking the button below (if using your smart device), or visit the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘RideScore’.  
* I do not have a smartphone/I cannot use Apps, what do I do? 

Step 2:  Create an account

Once you have downloaded the app, enter your email address and select 'New Account' to create your profile. You will then be required to complete some personal information, and the information required for each of your children, including name, class details and basic questions about your children's existing travel behaviour. 

You will next receive an email with a link to click to verify your email address for security purposes - then you're registered!  

Be sure to check for your confirmation email from the RideScore team! 
This email will provide you with important information about the next steps! 

Step 3:  Get your beacon

Your beacon is the device that records your child’s arrival and departure to and from school, which in turn enables a notification to be sent to you via the RideScore App. Your beacon will be sent home with your child via the school in the RideScore Active Schools welcome pack for you to attach at home. It contains:
Your beacon and zip tie

Please allow one week from registration to receive your welcome pack. 

Step 4:  Set up your beacon

Fit your beacon

Your welcome pack contains the smart beacon and instructions for fitting it to bikes and scooters. You can also find the instructions here.

Pair your beacon to your app

You will use the app on your smartphone and the camera to ‘register’ the beacon for your child using the QR code on the sticker. It’s easy and your phone has everything you need to do this. To watch a ‘how to’ video of Colleen showing you how to pair and fit your beacon, click here.

Step 5:  Your responsibilities

Parent icon
1. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to identify the safest route for their child to travel to and from school. 
2. It is strongly recommended that children are accompanied by an adult until they are competent to travel to and from school independently. Riding and scooting in groups where possible is also recommended.
3. While the RideScore program aims to provide a message when each child arrives at school or leaves, there may be cases where due to technical problems with the mobile carrier system or other technical issues beyond the control of the RideScore program these messages may not be sent.
4. This is a new platform that is still in trial. In the unlikely event that there are technical problems, please assist us by notifying our team of any issues as soon as they arise. 
5. Participation in the RideScore Program requires the secure placement of a weatherproof Bluetooth beacon on your child’s bike or scooter. This is attached to the bicycle frame or stem of the scooter (or other appropriate location as instructed) with the use of ‘zip ties’ to fix it in place. 
6. It is the responsibility of the participating student and/or parents to regularly check the secure placement of the beacon and report any concerns to school or council officers.
7. The Bluetooth beacon remains the property of the RideScore Program and must be returned on leaving the program or at the end of the school year. The school / council officers are to be contacted if the beacon is damaged or needs to be removed. There is a replacement fee of $20.00 in the event of a lost or damaged beacon.
8. Beacons are not transferable to another student.
9. Students must wear their helmet and obey all road rules whilst riding their bikes to and from school. 
10. Students must store their bike or scooter at the designated bike cage facilities to enable the beacon signals to be registered at school. 

Step 6:  Resources

Our Resources Page has lots of useful information that will help you get your children on their bikes, including: 

Get the

Download the 

RideScore App

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