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We hope that you don’t encounter too many ‘troubles’, but unfortunately when relying on technology it can be difficult to avoid. If you don’t find your answer below, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

My beacon won't pair
⁃ Ensure that you have followed your ‘how to pair and fit your beacon’ instructions 

⁃ Is the cable tie over the label on the beacon? If the cable tie is over the QR code sticker on the beacon, your phone will not be able to read the code, which will prevent pairing.

⁃ If your beacon won’t pair using the camera function, you can enter your beacon number manually. You just need to copy the number under the QR code.

I am not receiving notifications
⁃ Once you have received your beacon, ensure you have
a) paired the beacon; and
b) securely fitted it to your bike or scooter.

⁃ Check that your beacon number in your app (under Students) exactly matches the number on the sticker. 

⁃ If you have not received a push notification via the app, you can also check your Trips screen, and it will show trips recorded in date and time order.

⁃ Your beacon may be turned off. Use the Beacon Test to check if your beacon is being recognised by your phone.

To test your beacon:
• Open the app, ensure Bluetooth and sound is turned on, place the phone near your beacon and tap on ‘beacon test’ on your phone (top right corner of screen). You should hear a sound similar to a metal detector, and you will see the green bars light up. The more bars that light up, the stronger the signal.
• If you do not see any indicator bars light up, push firmly on the center of the beacon (the barcode) until you feel a click. Then repeat the beacon test process again.
• If you still don’t see any indicator bars light up, please email us and advise that you are not detecting a beacon signal.

⁃ Note: notifications rely on Telstra mobile coverage, so if you have poor coverage your notification may be delayed. Please email us if you have taken the above steps and it is still not working.

⁃ You could be experiencing connection issues with the app due to any of the following reasons:
• The phone is in airplane mode (turn airplane mode off)
• You have removed your app (reload and pair the beacon)
• Your phone data is limited, turned off or has run out
• The phone is in an area where there is no or limited signal/connection
• WiFi is not running correctly (turn WiFi off and on again before troubleshooting).

When will I receive my beacon?
Once you’ve registered, the school will send a package home with your child containing your
beacon and all the information you’ll need to get started. Please allow one week to receive your

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