Every Trip Counts!

That's our motto here at RideScore!

Riding and scooting to school is a great way to get active, ride with buddies and friends on the way to school and earn some cool prizes.

Not only will your child have fun getting to school, their RideScore beacon will be counting the trips they make each day and building towards some great rewards.  You can view their progress throughout the year on your RideScore app. 

The more days they ride or scoot to school, the bigger the reward! It's that simple!  Your child will receive a point for each day they ride/scoot to and from school.

20 Points!

If your child can manage just 1 active day per week they will easily reach this milestone and receive a mystery prize.
Remember to always Ride/Scoot where you can be seen!

70 Points!

If your child can pick up the pace and ride or scoot to school for 2 to 3 days per week they will end up at the movies!
Remember to always stay left on the pathway!

120 Points!

Why not pedal or scoot 4 days per week and be rewarded with very fit legs AND a voucher to The Big Boing!
Keep your eyes and ears switched on every day!

120+ Points!

WOW! Congratulations your child is in full swing with a great routine of 4 to 5 days per week. This will see their name placed into a special draw to win 1 of 2 family passes to TreeTop Challenge!  
The friendly Sunshine Coast RideScore Active Schools team will attend school assemblies for the big announcements and all milestone prizes will be sent via the school to the classroom.

You can also keep track of your progress yourself by using your Scorecard, please email us and we can arrange a new scorecard or you can check your Trips screen on the RideScore app.

Get your bike or scooter checked out!

Make sure your beacon is attached and paired with your parent's smart phone for the messages!

Check your helmet is in good condition and is fitted properly!

Know the route, practice it with an adult!

...and you're on your way!

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